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Academic Overview
"Dedicated to the educational sucess of all students"

  • We provide individualized expert training
  • We upgrade Confidence of all students
  • We build solid educational foundations throught theme assessment, process observation, and prior performance evaluation
  • We're constantly exploring new technologies
  • We possess passion for student success

Areas of Training

  • Mathematics -all levels
  • Language Arts/Reading - all level
  • Teaching students good research methods
  • Math TAKS
  • Reading TAKS
  • PSAT and SAT (high school students)
  • ACT (American College Testing)
  • THEA Texas Higher Education Assessment)

Parental Mentoring Skills
To be most successful in being involved with your student's education,
parenting skills are needed. Our short course on gaining insight on Parental Mentoring Skills, but it can make you aware and confidence in mentoring your student's educational goals.

  • Learn to communicate with your student
  • Learn to encourage your student
  • Learn where to find resources
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