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About Texas Tutor Professionals

Who we are:
Texas Tutor Professionals™ program service areas include TAKS tutoring, Math, Science, Writing, Language Arts, Social Studies, GED, ASVAB, and English as a Second Language. Course Descriptions Page. We also provide school visits and administrative consultations to further assess our client's needs. .

Our clients are successful choosing one or a combination of the following tutorial methods:

  1. Intense: Focuses on one subject and supplementary on-line material included to better enhance learning
  2. Comprehensive: Focuses on bringing student up to level by bridging gaps; Comprehensive study of multiple levels to get student to mastery level and supplementary on-line material included to better enhance learning.
  3. Variable: Varies between subjects, focuses on two and or three subjects, and supplementary on-line material to reach mastery levels.

Instructor Qualifications:
All tutors are Texas certified instructors and professional

Evidence of Effectiveness:
Pre and post-test answers from students have shown significant improvements when using our program. We have established a 90% TAKS success rate. Counselors in surrounding school districts refer students to us. Corporations have also requested our services for their employees and their children. We have an established track record of helping our clients become successful.

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